Indulge in self care with a monthly membership, events, courses and retreats that pair sacred wisdom with joyful ease

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In our hectic modern world, it’s all too easy to neglect ourselves. 

Through taking a holistic approach to self care and wellness that merges scientific discoveries with spiritual insights, we flourish as individuals and contribute more to our work, our families, our relationships, and our communities.

The Well Hub is a gathering place for anyone who wishes to integrate these sacred teachings into their lives and develop a sustainable, nourishing practice. We lead with intuition and want to show people how to better get in touch with who they are, rather than tools that focus on changing

Our focus will always be people going deeper within. Doing more to do less.

Our weekly membership makes self care stress-free, offering curated experiences created with intention to bring balance to the busiest lifestyle. Our members enjoy on-demand/live access to masterclasses and workshops taught by healing experts, participate in guided meditations and discussions, and find support in a welcoming, like-minded community.

You’ll consciously create space to grow, heal, learn, recharge, and laugh — and have a lot of fun whilst doing so.

All you need to do is show up.



Our Members Enjoy:


Learn practices, tools, and insights that will help you infuse more mindfulness, adaptability, and possibility into your life. Download resources like astrology information, affirmation work, journal prompts. 


Build meaningful connections with like-minded community members through monthly intention-setting ceremonies and Q+As.


Experience transformative lessons and sessions with some of today’s most talented and interesting healers, doctors, guides, therapists, thought leaders and experts.


Savour a blissful moment of calm in the midst of the hustle and grind with our weekly mindfully practises. Each Monday a mix of meditation, yoga, pranayama and mindfulness exercises will feature in the library.  


Discover something new about yourself by working through monthly journaling themes designed to unlock new insights. Membership content is curated to support the theme allowing a flow of different offerings allowing you to learn in the style best for you. 


A weekly video based on themes relating to mindfulness, emotional health, spiritual wellness, and conscious living. Featuring Stacey June and friends, this personal content will be mixed with self-reflection, EFT tapping, emotional unblocking and storytelling. 


Our Events


Self care is not just a beautiful, affirming practice. It’s also functional, allowing you to replenish your energies, remain grounded, and gain a deeper understanding of what you need in order to perform at your best, whether as a parent, CEO, caregiver, student, or seeker. Join us for accessible online classes and intimate in-person events centred around movement, mindfulness, parenthood, and more.


Join us for a playful movement and meditation experience. Through music, dance, breath work and guided meditations, you'll enjoy a chance to shake off tension and turn within.

Seasoned facilitator and yoga teacher, Stacey June, will lead the session and support you to drop your inhibitions, trust and listen to your body. 

All welcome, no experience in yoga, dance or meditation required. 



There are groups for pregnancy, birth prep, and parenting newborns, but those trying to conceive can be forgotten. It’s a deeply personal time but you don’t need to do it alone. Coach and Yoga teacher Stacey June knows a thing or two about trying to conceive and has created a weekly program to connect with others going through this experience.





This popular online ceremony is launching for an intimate and exclusive in-studio practice in 2022! Stacey June guides you to utilise the power of the Full Moon's energy to let go of whatever is not serving you, teamed with a practical guided action plan of what you would like to bring in as we manifest and meditate under the full moon.




Join Stacey June for a six-week beginners course on the foundations of yoga. As Stacey begins to learn about the power and history of yoga as a teacher, you too can access the incredible depths and rewards the practice of yoga shares with you in spirit, body and mind. This course promises to be approachable, simple and effective. 




Intuitive Coach Stacey June takes you through the practical steps of how to reconnect with your inner power and live a more intuitive, honest, and fulfilling life. This workshop will have you not only hearing your true voice more clearly, but it will teach you how to get in touch with it regularly so you can make day-to-day decisions, big and small, from a place of confident knowing.




What’s the difference between a type and a value? How do you get comfy on your own? When does this enjoying your single life kick in? These questions and more will be answered with a special Q&A with Stacey June at Chestnut Bookstore on Sunday 13th February at 6:30pm


Our Online Courses


JANUARY 2022: Welcome The Well Hub

FEBRUARY 2022: The Well Hub Membership (Intake)

APRIL 2022: Intuition School 

JUNE 2022: Meditation 101

AUGUST 2022: The Well Hub Membership (MIDYEAR Intake)

OCTOBER 2022: Breathwork to Freedom

DECEMBER 2022: Self Care Bootcamp



Held at the sacred base of Uluru in the Northern Territory, our Foundations with Stacey June retreat includes four days of yoga, meditation, and coaching focused on intuitive work and unifying yourself with your foundations.


Our Story


The Well Hub is based on one simple principle: everyone deserves real, effective, practical tools that will help them create lives filled with more joy, ease, honesty, and connection with themselves and others.

Founders Stacey June and Ben Jenkins are strong believers in the power of conscious self care. Stacey is a coach, yoga and meditation teacher, broadcaster, and author of Single Pringle, a book that encourages readers to discover their passions and their intuition. She co-founded The Well as a way to explore and express her lifelong interest in emotional health, mindfulness, and wellness, as well as bridging the gap between science and spirituality. She has certifications in Life Coaching and EFT Tapping and is currently studying psychotherapy.

Stacey’s husband, Ben, is a prostate cancer survivor. Although he was too young for routine prostate screening and showed no physical symptoms, Ben followed his intuition and visited his GP for a check-up which resulted in his diagnosis at the age of 36. Ben’s experience taught him the importance of authenticity and openness, allowing him to create deep connections with not only those around him but with his own emotional core. He believes in the importance of finding balance; cultivating both vulnerability and resilience, both strength and tenderness. ⁣Since his surgery, he has used yoga and meditation to stay grounded and reduce stress. Ben is a certified NLP practitioner, a breathwork facilitator working with men, and host of MENTELL, a podcast devoted to exploring the crisis in men’s health. His @Woke_Blokes Instagram page supports other men in building connection and finding strength in vulnerability.

Through The Well Hub, Stacey and Ben help people around the world deepen their relationship with their intuition, develop sustainable self care practices that truly fit their needs, and finally learn how to truly be. 

Be themselves. Be content. Be happy.

Get Connected


If you’re seeking a way to opt out of the hustle mindset, get into alignment with your inner power, and create a beautiful life filled with more peace, meaning, and possibility, then we invite you to join The Well and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. 

Please reach out below if you have any questions about our events or membership. 


We’re here when you’re ready.


The Well Hub acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present, and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.